Saturday, October 15, 2022

This Day in TV History: For Lovers Only premieres on October 15, 1982

Now, here's a TV movie I gotta see (description from's database): 
Loving newlyweds in search of the perfect honeymoon are always welcome at Bliss' Cove Haven, a sensuous resort dedicated to the fulfillment of romantic fantasies.

It's not that I am interested in 1982 ABC's vision of sensual fantasy, but check out this cast. Given the cast and the subject matter, I am both repelled by and drawn to this movie:

Andy Griffith, Gary Sandy (not Patrick Simmons; I checked), Gordon Jump, Katherine Helmond, Sally Kellerman, Deborah Raffin, Robert Hegyes! Here's a photo from IMDB:

Check out a promo for a rebroadcast in 1986. You KNOW that stuff was still strong 4 years later! You even see Wayne Knight. How dare they not name Gary Sandy, though?

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