Sunday, October 23, 2022

Top Ten #200: Special #200 Edition!

1) 200: It's a nice round number! Here are a few shows that somehow never made it to 200 episodes:

Me and the Chimp
Hee Haw Honeys
One of the Boys

2) National Talk Show Day: There have been thousands of TV talk shows with millions of episodes, but only one of them was gutsy enough to book economist Jerome Smith!

3) Epcot Center: The Opening Celebration: 40 years ago tonight, CBS' Walt Disney anthology series presented this TV special featuring the likes of host Danny Kaye and guests like Marie Osmond. I went to Epcot shortly after it opened and did not see Kaye nor Osmond. I liked the Figment dragon and the big golf ball dome thing, though!

4) Michael Learned: The Waltons star appeared recently on the TV Confidential podcast.

Or was it Michael Lerner?

5) Weird Al Yankovic: Happy birthday to one of the true legends of early MTV!

6) The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Along with a handful of other older shows like Hill Street Blues, it's now on Prime Video (but still on Hulu).

7) John Denver: Mo Rocca's Mobituaries podcast returned this month with an interesting look at John Denver.

Or was it Michael Lerner?

No, it was definitely John Denver.

8) Joe Montana: I finally watched the Peacock docuseries Cool Under Pressure about the greatest QB of all (Yeah, I said it!), and I just wish more people--or anyone--had talked about it.

9) National Mother-in-Law Day: I hope you have a better relationship with yours than Louise does with Mother Jefferson!

10) R.I.P.:  Ron Masak:

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