Thursday, November 3, 2022

Remind magazine's '70s Super Heroes edition

Remind magazine is a breezy read devoted to nostalgia. celebrities, and puzzles--lots and lots of puzzles. It's a fun mag that my mom often sends me after she finishes it. A couple weeks ago at a Dollar Tree, I spotted a special edition, and let me tell you, for a dollar--ooh, wait, no, now it's $1.25--this is well worth it.

The Lynda Carter Wonder Woman cover alone deserves a look-see, and inside you get short profiles on a lot of expected subjects like The Six Million Dollar Man and The Incredible Hulk. Yet there are are also short pieces on short-lived programs like Gemini Man and Street Hawk

There's a section on cartoons like Dynomutt, and the mag also goes back a little bit longer to talk about the George Reeves Superman show and the 1950s Sheena program.

It's all pretty lightweight, and the sparse text is supplemented by tons of trivia features and puzzles--oh, yeah, there be puzzles--crosswords, sudokus, word searches, and more! There are also "Time Capsule" pages that offer snapshots of a given year like 1978. Add vintage cartoon strips and panels and print advertisements, and you get a pretty cool little package of nostalgia well worth the cover price. This is apparently a unique version the magazine produced for Dollar Tree, and I'd get other editions if they popped up.

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