Sunday, November 6, 2022

Top Ten #202: Special week after Halloween edition!

1) Candy: How many of you still have leftover candy after the holiday? Well, can you send some my way? I didn't go for "tricks or treats," as Sally Brown would say, and we don't get trick-or-treaters here, so there was really no excuse to buy a bunch of candy. I will have to settle for the ads:

2) Mr. Wizard's World: A selection of episodes is now on Crackle. The show, of course featured popular scientist Don Wizard.

3) Gimme a Break: 40 years ago tonight, NBC aired an episode with this description as per

The head of the PORKO weight loss group is mocked for gaining back the weight he lost, and he decides to kill himself by jumping from his hotel room window.

Hey, THAT sounds like a great half-hour of fun for the whole family!

4) World Series: Hard to cheer for these Astros, but these Astros are still aces:

5) Sally Field: Happy 75th birthday to the former star of The Girl with Something Extra!

6) Pluto TV: This FAST  (free ad-supported TV) service is--say it with me--having a moment, having broken into Nielsen's ratings (and outdoing a lot of better-known services) and also getting a huge influx of programming from the CBS TV library, including shows that haven't been streaming on demand lately like Mork and Mindy and Laverne and Shirley

My question is, why isn't all this material also on Paramount Plus, a service people are paying money to watch?

7) National Saxophone Day: Yeah, man!

8) Magic Carpet (1972): This TV movie premiered 50 years ago tonight on NBC. According to IMDB:

A young student living in Rome gets a job as a tour guide, and falls in love with a young stowaway who is being sought by the police.

Check out this cast: Susan St. James, Robert Pratt, Cliff Potts...wait for it...Jim Backus, Wally Cox, Abby Dalton, Selma Diamond, John Larch, Nanette Fabray, and Michael Lerner (Yes, I confirm it is not Michael Learned)!

9) HBO: It celebrates its 50th anniversary Tuesday. Never forget that this network was built on the backs of shows like:

10) R.I.P. Andrew Prine:

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