Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Trade Week #6: Another streaming video "trade" proposal

 It's BONUS Trade Week as we unveil a few others that didn't make the cut last week. Look for the Trade Week label to see what we proposed last week in our series of exchanges among streaming video services. Today we have one that is sort of outside our time frame:

HBO Max trades South Park to Paramount Plus for Perry Mason.

There are two shows that are the poster children for "Why isn't _ on _" streaming confusion, and both are not on Paramount Plus. Or I should say, neither is on Paramount Plus, but people think they should be. One of those series is Yellowstone, and the other is long-long-running Comedy Central (Remember that?) staple South Park. Deals made years ago ensured that the shows' back catalogs would reside on Peacock and HBO Max respectively.

Well, maybe Paramount Plus could bring it home alongside key & Peele--Wait, that's on Netflix. Alongside Broad City--No, that's Hulu. Well, anyway, I am sure it wouldn't mind having it!

Would HBO swap it for a "Silver Age" show? No, no way. it paid a lot for South Park! But it's fun to think about, and Perry Mason would be a nice prize for HBO subscribers who like classic TV (Of course, we brought Perry into the world of BOTNS this past season).

For some unknown reason, Paramount Plus doesn't even have all seasons of the show, so maybe it wouldn't mind giving them up. It also is on Pluto and FreeVee, so it's not a big exclusive. HBO Max could offer the complete run, uncut and with no ads (for those on its ad-free tier) and use the deal to promote its new Perry Mason series, which returns in February.

It's a one-sided deal on paper, but it makes sense in a way!

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