Monday, November 7, 2022

Streaming Video TRADES I would make! (Trade Week #1)

Halloween last week made me think about trading extra or unwanted candy after a night of trick-or-treating. Combine that with the excitement about the NFL trade deadline last week, plus my ongoing obsession with catalog selections on the various streaming video services, and it all made me think: What if these SVODs made some trades with each other? Are there some win-win moves that could help each side (and the viewer, natch!)? I think there are!

I cheated a little bit, organizing some services by their parent company and including some series that should be streaming right now but for some reason are not. I also threw in some shows outside the time frame. Let's dive in and have some fun with the concept this week!

Today's trade is a blockbuster!

NBC and Peacock trade Little House on the Prairie and The Incredible Hulk to Disney and Hulu for The Golden Girls.

Right off the bat, I have to cheat a bit for the simple reason that, for reasons no one knows, the Bixby Hulk series is not streaming anywhere despite being owned by a company that has several different streaming services. In fact, recently did have the whole series. 

Since it's not being used right now, I figure it's not a huge property for Comcast/Universal/NBC, which means it can be thrown it with family-friendly show Little House. We joked on the podcast about the amount of calamity on the series, but it does seem like a good fit for the Disney brand. Disney Plus is lacking in vintage family drama shows--vintage drama shows, period, in fact--and LHOP would be a big catalog boost.

The 1977 Incredible Hulk is an obvious fit alongside the other Marvel shows, even though it is literally of a different universe. Well, the fact that it is so different than the modern stuff makes it a refreshing change of pace. Why not start building a Vintage Marvel collection?

Losing The Golden Girls would hurt. It's Hulu's 14th-most-popular series among females 13-27 years old, at least according to research I made up. That's why NBC has to give up two big shows to get it. Disney can afford to lose it for a while, though.

The Girls come home to NBC in this scenario and become one of the biggest catalog titles on Peacock, a streamer that already seems to be targeting similar demographics with its new alliance with Hallmark Channel. Peacock is the constant target of speculation about merger/folding, and it needs a splash or two. Golden Girls would give it some juice for the price of a series it's not using right now (Hulk) and one that is non exclusive and already available on FreeVee (LHOP).

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