Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Trade Week #3: Another streaming video swap!

Trade Week continues as I suggest swaps of older shows on streaming video services. Today we go to the fringe of the BOTNS era:

Netflix trades Seinfeld to Peacock for thousands of Law and Order shows and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Yeah, this is not gonna happen. Netflix paid umpteen dollars for the exclusive streaming rights to Seinfeld, and I don't see it giving those rights up. Hear me out, though.

I remember the buildup to Netflix adding the iconic sitcom. It was announced as heading there after leaving Hulu, but there wasn't a date. then it left Hulu, and fans still waited. Finally, just over a year ago, it premiered on Netflix, and it got attention for the wrong reasons: Debate over the aspect ratio being 16x9 and not the original 4x3.

And since then...well, I haven't heard much about the show. Have you? I don't see it topping the lists of the most popular/most watched series on Netflix. What I DO see on such lists: Procedurals like Criminal Minds (now gone) and NCIS.

So in return for Seinfeld, Peacock surrenders tons of episodes of Law and Order. Which series? Which seasons? It doesn't matter! Plus the beauty of it is Peacock can still show thousands of others; NBC has that many!

To sweeten the deal, Peacock adds Everybody Loves Raymond, which just feels more like a Netflix show than a Peacock one. In fact, it was on there for years. Now Netflix can pair it with that foodie show starring ELR co-creator Phil Rosenthal. It gets a big rerun for its library plus all those sweet, sweet bingeable procedurals episodes.

For its part, Peacock gets the show everyone associates with NBC anyway (if not TBS by now!), a true flagship of the company. The announcement would make headlines, and by spending a little money (OK, a lot of it), it could do new 4K remasters specifically for widescreen and make the hardcore fans really happy. Peacock could promote the heck out of the "return" of the series. 

Win-win, right? 

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