Sunday, November 13, 2022

Top Ten #203

1) Trade Week: We hope you enjoyed our trade Week series of posts featuring fanciful "trades" between streaming video outlets. Stay tuned for a few bonus trades later this week!

(Not to be confused with this kind of trading):

2) Byron Allen: The former Real People star was said to be in the running to buy the NFL's Washington Commanders. Meanwhile, Skip Stephenson made a pretty cool trade to shore up the backup RB spot on his fantasy team.

3) McRib: I don't know about the "Farewell Tour," but I ain't too proud to say I had one just this week!

4) Matthew Perry: He has been out promoting his new book. Anyone turn right to the index and look for the scoop on:

5) Joe Mantegna: Happy 75th birthday!

6) Wonder Woman: Decades has your weekend viewing covered with a marathon of the 1970s series. Satin tights optional. 

7) World Kindness Day: May we just refer you to Season 10 Batty Award winner Fred "Mister" Rogers:

8) Jack Narz: The prolific game show host would have turned 100 today.

9) Veterans Day: Happy belated Vets Day to everyone, especially those who served!

10) R.I.P.:  David Davis, Gallagher, Fred Hickman, Budd Friedman

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