Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Trade Week #2: Another streaming trade I would make

We began Trade Week yesterday with the first of several trades I propose for streamers involving classic TV shows. I suggested Peacock deal a few shows (including one that, for some reason, it doesn't stream right now) to get a big show, and today I have another idea for the Comcast/Universal/NBC service:

Pluto TV trades One Day at a Time to Amazon Prime Video for Diff'rent Strokes.

I have to admit I don't really know what is going on at Amazon and if it has any kind of strategy for catalog material, but a while back (Summer 2021) it made a big announcement that it was licensing Norman Lear shows. Big news, right? Well, it's Fall 2022, and much of it is already gone. The Jeffersons is on Prime, All in the Family is on FreeVee, but Maude and One Day at a Time are gone.

ODAT has been biding time on Pluto, but there are usually only a couple seasons at a time. Enough messing around! Put the whole series on Prime to bolster the Learverse. In exchange, Pluto gets Diff'rent Strokes

Wait! Isn't Strokes a Lear show?

Why, yes, it is! They even did it live on ABC!

However, the episodes on Prime are syndicated versions missing several minutes per episodes. I don't know why this is; the show was uncut on Starz just a few years ago. Someone reached into the wrong box for the Strokes tapes, and now those versions are all on Prime and on Tubi.

Prime Video deserves better. People PAY for this stuff. Pluto is--I will try to be polite--not that particular about what it airs. It has hacked-up Three's Company, for one thing, and I am worried that all those Paramount/CBS shows it is adding are also edited.

The point is, Pluto can make this swap and get ALL of Diff'rent Strokes while everyone sorts this business of edited episodes. In the meantime, Amazon Prime freshens its lineup with a long-running sitcom (It was on Freevee earlier) and boosts its Learverse offerings.

I will return tomorrow with another one!

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