Friday, November 18, 2022

Trade Week #7: One more (for now?) BONUS streaming video trade

OK, here's a trade we saved as a bonus one because it's a little sketchy. For one thing, it goes into the nether worlds of professional wrestling! Then it involves a program that premiered this year. For yet another, I propose a streamer acquiring a show it already has!

ESPN Plus trades AWA Championship Wrestling to Peacock for Joe Montana: Cool Under Pressure.

Joe Montana was one of my favorite athletes when I was a kid, and I still have a soft spot for the legendary quarterback. Several times in this space, I have mentioned my enjoyment of the 6-episode docuseries that aired as a Peacock original in 2022.

Yet I don't think it got much traction, and it deserves more attention. Therefore, I propose a run on ESPN to go along with all the sports documentaries--30 for 30 and otherwise--that reside there. I'm sure the network would promote it. Heck, you could get Chris Berman to do a 24/7 stream hyping it.

In return, Peacock gets more content for its WWE Network section. Now, this is a litlte tricky because I have never seen official confirmation of this, but I think WWE owns the old AWA wrestling programming that appeared on ESPN in the 1980s. It has a few of the episodes available on demand. Note that I wrote, "a few." WWE has shown little interest in adding to its AWA section, but I have interest in it, so that's why I am suggesting this!

Adding to the intrigue is that ESPN also owns the footage, or at least I assume so based on the fact that ESPN Classic used to run reruns of it in heavy rotation. Well, there is no ESPN Classic linear channel now, and ESPN Plus has exactly zero of the old pro wrestling programming the network used to carry, so no harm in making it official and giving all of it to Peacock.

Who knows, WWE might even get a thrill out of adding a ton of stuff that was originally branded ESPN. You know, mainstream and all that. Peacock gets hours of new on-demand material for the wrestling fans, and ESPN Plus gets a quality docuseries about an all-time great,

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