Friday, September 9, 2022

For Your Batty Consideration: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

In our tenth season's second episode, we took a journey to the hood--Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, surely thrilling our coveted 2-11-year-old demographic for the second week in a row! In addition to pondering the question, "What Is Love?" as asked in the episode premiering April 26, 1973, we talked about the show's overall impact and many other topics.


Our podcast episode
Show notes and YT playlist

Anonymous Batty Insider says: "This could be a Batty sleeper this time out, based on the affection the guys showed for the program. Will they feel the need to confirm that everyone on Mister Rogers was in fact special? Does Fred get recognized for his singing? His hosting? His kindness? Don't be surprised to see a few upsets come out of this one."

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