Sunday, September 25, 2022

Top Ten #196

1) Fall: Call it fall, call it Autumn, call it whatever. To me it used to mean the arrival of the Fall Preview of TV Guide, Fall Preview specials of the networks, etc. You know--the important stuff that makes the end of summer palatable.

2) The Facts of Life Go to Paris: AND PARIS WAS NEVER THE SAME! The movie aired 40 years ago tonight on NBC, As a companion to our podcast episode on FOL, Mike took a close look at this effort


3) Barbara Walters: Happy 93rd birthday!

4) The Tonight Show: In an article about ill-fated Paul Reiser show There's Johnny, Aaron Barnhart says the Carson-hosted show "is still the most-watched program on Antenna TV."

5) Silver Spoons: There they were, face to face, a couple of silver spoons on this day in 1982 as the sitcom premiered. We talked about not one, but TWO episodes (not the pilot) right here.

6) Math Storytelling Day: Here's a simple story: Guy counts fancy fruitcakes, guy immediately falls butt over tea kettle.

7) Zorro: Reading Andy Mangels' RetroFan history of the franchise made me want to check out some of the Filmation cartoons. Also, the 1950s show finally hits Disney Plus in October.

8) Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin: Happy 70th birthday! It's a good excuse to post one of my favorite 80s wrestling clips. The way announcer Jim Ross exclaims, "Jesus!" cracked me up then and still gets me.

9) Rod Holcomb: Ken Levine's excellent Hollywood and Levine podcast featured a two-part interview with casting director John Levey, and in this week's episode, Levey gives significant props to our old buddy Rod Holcomb for shaping the early days of ER. Rod directed the Greatest American Hero episode we covered, the first Captain America TV movie, and probably more!

10) Henry Silva: R.I.P. to the veteran actor and apologies for not including him last week.

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