Sunday, September 11, 2022

Top Ten #194: Special NFL Kickoff Weekend Edition!

1) The Emmys: Tomorrow the Emmys air live, and some old faves are nominated, but on this date 45 years ago, the 1977 Emmys honored The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Upstairs, Downstairs; Roots; and Genius Award winner Ed Flanders for his performance as Harry S Truman.

And if you forgot that the Emmys were tomorrow, don't worry, we will be here in this space next week to remind you that they happened.

2) Peanuts Specials: Apple Plus just added a big batch of non-holiday-themed animated Peanuts shows, including this one:

3) The Rookies: The Aaron Spelling cop show premiered on ABC 50 years ago tonight (after a pilot movie in March) and lasted 4 seasons and over 90 episodes.

4) Earl Holliman: Happy birthday! Actors and Other People for Animals appreciates you!

5) National Grandparents Day: 

6) Lola Falana: Also celebrating a birthday today is Fred Sanford's crush, Lola:

7) Miss America: The 1983 version of the pageant aired on NBC 40 years ago tonight, with Debra Maffet of California taking home the honors.

8) The Carol Burnett Show: The beloved series premiered on this date in 1967. Harvey Korman wasn't even on it yet, and he started breaking up.

10) R.I.P. Bernard Shaw: A CNN stalwart and, by accounts, a true pro.

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