Thursday, September 1, 2022

What's new in old shows on streaming in September

By now, you know the routine: Most streamers are done adding catalog shows to their libraries, but every now and then they surprise us. Disney Plus hasn't added anything in years. Paramount and Peacock seem to have little interest in using their vast libraries to bolster their streaming services. Amazon and Freevee have really slowed down this year.

HBO Max went in the wrong direction in August, removing scores of vintage Sesame Street episodes from the service, and it might be time to give up on them despite rumors that Dallas could show up there in remastered form. It's not on the September list, and Living Single isn't exactly what we're looking for around here.

Crackle adds Space 1999 this month, but Tubi doesn't seem to have anything new for us. They can surprise, though.

The best news is a carry-over from last month: In the spring, Apple Plus announced it was adding a new batch of vintage Peanuts specials along with its new Lucy school-themed special in August. Well, August came and went without the Peanuts Anthology drop, but that is now scheduled for Friday, September 9, and will include lesser-known efforts like 1973's There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown.

I don't see anything yet for Roku Channel, BritBox, and Shout! Factory TV. So, yes, it's a slow month. 

Let's end on a high note with a few videos from stuff that IS coming this month:

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