Sunday, September 18, 2022

Top Ten #195

1) MASH: Many are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic sitcom this week, and Me-TV is showing the episode we discussed, "Tuttle," today at 12:30 EST.

2) Anna and the King: Yesterday, though, we talked about the other sitcom CBS premiered 50 years ago yesterday. Just think, between the two of them, those shows won 14 Emmys!

3) Batman: This is also the weekend marking Batman Day, so consider this a reminder to be a good citizen and be careful on your skateboard. Batman would want it that way.

4) Emmy winners: Congrats to Michael Keaton, Jean Smart, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and the others.

5) National Cheeseburger Day: Sounds good to me! How about a nice, quick, juicy microwave burger?

6) Gus: 45 years ago tonight, the Disney program on NBC aired Gus, the Pigskin Mule. Life was much different a mere 5 years later, and the weekly Disney program was now on CBS. So 40 years ago tonight, the Disney program on CBS aired...part 2 of Gus, the Pigskin Mule. This clip below teases a 1979 showing of the movie!

7) The U.S. Air Force: Happy birthday to the USAF!

Do you think they are ticked off that Top Gun is about Navy pilots?

8) Holly Robinson: Happy birthday! 

Do you think she's ticked off that Top Gun is about Navy pilots?

9) The Equalizer: The original version of the show premiered on this day in 1985.

10) The Battys: Batty talk will continue here on the site this week as we build up to the Season 10 awards show! Last season's big winner: The Rockford Files.

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