Sunday, September 4, 2022

Top Ten #193: Special Day Before Labor Day Edition!

1) Merlin Olsen: His Jonathan Garvey was the star of the Little House episode I watched this week...or at least I thought he would be. Also, writer Joe Posnanski's excellent Substack is counting down his 100 greatest players in NFL history, and this week he featured Merlin at number 39 (subscription required) and talked about his presence on NBC TV in the Eighties.

2) Back to school: In many regions, kids started a couple weeks ago, but I remember going the day after Labor Day! And uphill in a blizzard, etc., etc.

And of course my mom and I would freestyle a PHAT RAP to get ready for the new school year.

3) The Price Is Right: The current version of the long-running game show began 50 years ago today on CBS as a daytime program and in nighttime in syndication.

4) John and Yoko on the Jerry Lewis Telethon:  Also 50 years ago, the duo made an appearance on the annual telethon. It was the only time a celebrity raised record amounts of money by promising not to sing.

No, I'm kidding. Here's some footage:

5) National Waffle Week: Grab a tasty one and celebrate! Actually, use a fork if you have butter and syrup on it!

6) The Facts of Life: I am still wondering what the deal was with "Teacher, Teacher," the seventh-season episode that plays like a spinoff proposal.

7) Danny Ponce: Happy 50th birthday!

8) Major League Baseball: I know everyone's giddy about the return of college football and the oncoming return of the NFL, but September is baseball, too. Enjoy this clip of the old HBO show Race for the Pennant, featuring clips, banter with Tim McCarver and Barry Tompkins, and a surprisingly jovial Frank Robinson:

9) Space 1999: September is a slow month for 1970s and 1980s TV on streaming, but Crackle did add this 1970s sci-fi show.

10) R.I.P.: Richard Roat and William Reynolds:

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