Saturday, September 10, 2022

This Day in TV History: A Special night of television on September 10, 1972!

Talk about something for everyone! All kinds of programming aired on the broadcast networks on Sunday, September 10, 1972. 

A somber 1972 Summer Olympics got coverage on ABC the night before the Closing Ceremonies, and it was followed by Zenith Presents: A Salute to Television's 25th Anniversary. This sounds like my kind of program. Stars like Hope, Ball, and Lanson appear alongside clips from "some 400 shows," according to Vincent Terrace's Television Specials.

(Lanson is Snooky Lanson from Your Hit Parade.)

CBS had a preseason NFL battle between the Minnesota Vikings and the Miami Dolphins, the loser of the previous Super Bowl. September 10 seems late for a preseason game. Miami went on to have an undefeated season and spend decades being insufferable about it. The Dolphins and Vikes played "for real" several weeks later:

After the game, it's the final installment of The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci. I'm sure that's just the thing the football crowd wanted to see after several hours of beer and ball!

NBC led off the evening with a Davy Crockett adventure rerun as part of The Wonderful World of Disney before presenting the debut of Ozzie's Girls:

This series gave us the Nelsons again, but this time they took in boarders after David and Rick were all growed up. I mean, the original Ozzie and Harriet show only ran 400-some episodes, so you gotta bring them back, right? Because it's 1972, this show is socially relevant.

This pilot aired on NBC as a special, but the show itself went into first-run syndication the following season and lasted a year.

At 9:00, the Peacock Network premiered Liza with a Z, an original concert special produced for television in the wake of the success of Cabaret.

Sports, music, comedy, adventure, history...all on September 10, 1972!

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