Saturday, July 18, 2020

Promo Theatre: See it on CBC Sports

I am not sure why I love this promo so much:

Wait, yes, I DO know why:

*The combination of a sporting event that people obsess over (The Masters) with one that, well, they don't (World Indoor Bowls).

*The unnecessary combination of "Sports" and "Weekend" into "SportsWeekend" into one word in the logo.  Look, I am in favor of almost all gradual merging of hyphenated words into one--I'm fine with primetime--and sometimes two words can become one, but "sportsweekend" is not one of those cases.

*The jingle that sounds so thrown together. "See it on CBC Sports" is the obvious pride and joy of someone at the network. The "Sportsweekend"--aargh, now I'm doing it--the "Sports Weekend" part feels forced. They have to add a hasty "weekend" to make it all go together.

So of course, for all 3 reasons, I love this promo.

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