Thursday, July 30, 2020

Show Notes: Bonus Episode: Catching up

*Welcome back to all of our listeners, and if you are new to the show, please check out our extensive back catalog! There are more "regular" episodes coming in the near future, but we hope you enjoy this bonus episode.  Stick around, check out the site, visit our Facebook page, and if you're interested in 1970s and 1980s television, subscribe to the podcast!

*The Battys is the awards show we give out after each season of the podcast. Note that we are honoring the shows we discuss, not ourselves!

*Here is where you can find the shows we talked about  watching during our hiatus:

Rick has been watching:

Cheers (Hulu, CBS All Access, Peacock Premium)
Doctor Who (BritBox for the classic era)
It's a Living (Amazon Prime Video--first 3 seasons, Tubi--first 3 seasons)
Murder, She Wrote (IMDB TV--first 5 seasons only, Peacock--all 12 seasons)

Mike has enjoyed:

Would I Lie to You (Britbox, YouTube, Prime Video--one season)
Cold Feet (BritBox, Tubi)
Cold Feet: The New Years (BritBox)
Stargirl (The CW, DC Universe)
Spider-Man 1981 Animated Series (Disney Plus)

*Check out our Cheers episode right here and our Doctor Who episode right here!

*Lee Mack's Britcom is Not Going Out, which is unfortunately not available on streaming in the United States. It would be a great pickup for BritBox!

*Bob Hope specials are not on Peacock right now. Ann Jillian was on at least 10 of those programs according to our unofficial count.

*You can find Mike's appearances on the Menage a Pop podcast here. Tell 'em BOTNS sent you!

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