Saturday, July 11, 2020

This Day in TV History: The Newlywed Game premieres

The Newlywed Game may look like a tawdry trashfest. It may sound like a tawdry trashfest.  It may even feel like a tawdry trashfest. But don't let that fool you--it really is a tawdry trashfest!

The show debuted on this date in 1966 on ABC, and while that's a little outside our time frame, anyone who grew up in the BOTNS era must have been exposed to it at some time--kind of like chicken pox.

I kid! I can't quite explain why I sometimes watched the show  as a youth, but the answer is probably similar to the answer as to why I watched many of the things I did: It was on.  It's a game show classic, though, and will be revived again and again as long as TV is a thing. So congrats to Chuck Barris, and a shout-out to longtime host Bob Eubanks, still the one we think of when we think of The Newlywed Game (except maybe for the woman who gave that answer).

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