Sunday, July 19, 2020

Top Ten #77

1)  Flair pens: We all need a commercial like this right now.  I have never been more motivated to run out and buy...a pack of whatever pens they have at the dollar store.

2) The Golden Girls: The house used for the exterior shots is on the market! Buyer beware, though; you will have to provide your own lanai.

(Bet you thought I was gonna say "cheesecake," didn't you? No, there's an underground vault on the property with hundreds of cryogenically frozen ones.)

3) National Ice Cream Day: Party on, everyone!  If cheesecake isn't your thing, how about ice cream?

4) Beverly Archer: Happy birthday to the prolific sitcom and commercial star:

5) In Search Of: Congratulations to Illuminati Social Club (featuring friend of the show Steve) for finishing its run on the podcast looking at the show episode-by-episode.

6) Peter Barton: Happy birthday to the former Matthew Star!

7) Peacock: NBC's new streaming service is chock full of BOTNS-era shows like Murder, She Wrote, Punky Brewster, Magnum P..I., and many more...or so I am told. I ain't watching it because, like a certain other behemoth-backed streamer that launched this year, it isn't on Roku!

And besides, how good can it be if it doesn't have The Powers of Matthew Star?

8) Carol Hines: R.I.P. to the Emmy-winning Hines (often credited as "Himes"), who, among her many credits, was a production manager on Lou Grant and a line producer on Family Ties.

9) Saved by the Bell: Sundance TV added the series because--Hey, how do you know it ISN'T Robert Redford's favorite sitcom? I think it fits in just fine as part of the prestigious Sundance brand alongside Hogan's Heroes and Gomer Pyle.

10) Corbin Bernsen: I just learned that Corbin Bernsen has one of the world's largest snow globe collections, and since I don't know what to do with that information, let's watch a brief Practical Jokes and Bloopers promo that shows him for a  moment:

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