Tuesday, July 14, 2020

This Day in TV History: The 1970 MLB All-Star Game

On this day in 1970, shiny new Riverfront Stadium (yes, I think there was a time it was shiny and new...much like LOVE aboard the Pacific Princess) in Cincinnati hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. I miss Major League Baseball, but at least we have access to tons of old games on YouTube.

This edition of the annual Midsummer Classic has the distinction of being the first played in prime time on the East Coast--in other words, the first one played at night!  It also contains one of the most memorable moments in ASG and baseball history: Pete Rose bowling over Ray Fosse on this play at the plate:

The above clip uses the radio call from Jim Simpson instead of the NBC TV crew of Curt Gowdy, Tony Kubek, and Mickey Mantle.

CBS countered with Marco the Magnificent (a 1966 Marco Polo movie), a rerun of The Governor and J.J., and a news special about Vietnam, while ABC had reruns: The Mod Squad and Marcus Welby with an encore of The Challenge in between.  The latter is a TV movie that deserves its own post someday because it sounds amazing!

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