Sunday, July 26, 2020

Top Ten #78

1) Good Times: Because the live TV streaming service Philo just added TV One, and it's hard to miss that the channel shows Good Times. I mean, a LOT. I mean, more times per day than Florida said "Damn," a lot.

2) The Baseball Bunch: Hey, MLB is back, and while I'm happy and hope it goes well, a small part of me held out hope that if they couldn't do live games, they would be forced to dig these out of the vaults.

3) James Best: Happy birthday to the late actor.  Here's an interesting Me-TV story about best in the pre-Dukes days.

4) Aunt May and Uncle Ben: It's Aunts and Uncles Day, so let's pay tribute to the couple who raised/inspired one of the greatest superheroes of all:

And just because, let's post a  clip of Marisa Tomei even though her May Parker is nothing like the one I knew growing up. The 1978 series used different actresses to play the character; maybe it should have gone with Raquel Welch.

5) The 1984 Summer Olympics: The Games would have started this week, but we will have to content ourselves with the greatest Summer Olympiad of all--the one where the USA pretty much kicked butt all over the place.

6) Regis Philbin: R.I.P. to one of the more adept live-TV personalities the medium has known. You have to admire his faux (and his real) braggadocio and his general ability to keep a show moving. Anyone remember his show on Lifetime in the Eighties?

7) Unsolved Mysteries: The Netflix revival continues to bring attention to the Robert Stack-ed original.

8) The Ugily Family: On this night 40 years ago, ABC burned off a failed pilot starring Al Molinaro as Sal Ugily. Imagine that: people didn't want to watch a show called The Ugly Family (pronounced diferently, but still). Read more info about this here at the great TV obscurities site.

9) Paul Lynde: Billy Eichner will play Lynde in a biopic. Hey, Lynde had his flaws, but does he deserve that?

10) Blue Jeans: The other unsold pilot ABC aired on this day in 1980 is this sitcom. According to Ultimate 70sTV, A lady singer and her musician roommate enlist the aid of a wild drummer and a shy classical pianist to perform in their rock band. 

Charles Fleischer and Paul Provenza are in the cast. I want to see this! Not much info is available online, but here is a pic from IMDB:

Blue Jeans (TV Movie 1980) Poster

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