Saturday, August 29, 2020

Batty Awards Season 7 Show Notes

 *We hope you enjoyed our Season 7 Batty Awards--the biggest night in retro TV podcasting--and stick around for season 8!

*For the first time ever, we are pulling back the curtain to reveal the actual random number generation that determined two of the awards we could not decide ourselves:

*"The kid from Charo" does have a name if no other screen credits: Phillip Mancini

*Our crack research team investigated to find a Head of the Class episode featuring breakdancing but only found one episode in which Billy and Bernadette took dance lessons.  Not only is it season 5, but it's not even breakdancing, so it certainly does not count.

*There is no apparent evidence of the weight nor street value of "the haul" in the "Smuggler's Blues" episode of Miami Vice.

*BEGOT talk: Here is the awards status (wins, not mere nominations) of some of the people we discussed during the ceremony.


Henry Mancini BGO
Jan Hammer BG
Angela Lansbury BGOT  It's painful to think she has received 18 Emmy nominations, including 12 in a row for Murder, She Wrote, without a win.  The Battys rectified that oversight.  We should point out that though she was nominated for 3 Oscars, including for The Manchurian Candidate, she "only" won an honorary one in 2013/

*This Mental Floss article lists the EGOT winners and explains the PMT-related origins of the term (a medallion Philip Michael Thomas wore).

Looking at that list and discounting honorary prize winners, the best shot at a BEGOT may be Rita Moreno or Mel Brooks, though Mel may have missed his best shot when we talked about When Things Were Rotten in our fifth season. Moreno was a regular on several series we haven't yet covered and a guest star on many others.

*The CableACE Awards were presented from 1978 to 1997.

*Lord Chumley, not tabbed in Outstanding Facial Hair, looms as perhaps the single biggest snub by the Blue Ribbon Panel that selects the nominees. We don't want to demean any individual nominee--they are all deserving--but some wags have speculated that Mike Connors' mustache "stole" a slot from Chumley.

*The Batty Committees may have a debate on its hands next season if pressure builds to establish Outstanding Eyebrows as its own permanent category and not eligible for crossover with the Outstanding Facial Hair category. Keep an eye(brow) on this in the months ahead. There is similar chatter in the Outstanding Hair category--does it have to be natural? What IS natural?

*Congratulations again to Robert Pine Genius Award Jeffrey Scott!

*The titular Shelldon is a clam--but not an evil giant one! The series was indeed on Qubo.

*BOTNS, let's all be there! Anybody? Anyone? No, you're right. It's not ours.

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