Sunday, August 9, 2020

Top Ten #80

1) Tim Conway: Shout! Factory TV added several of Conway's series this month: The Tim Conway Hour, The Tim Conway Show, and The Tim Conway Minute.  No, just kidding about that last one, but it did add Ace Crawford, Private Eye.  In tribute to the late comic, I broke up 4 times while writing this entry.

2) Rhoda: Decades celebrates the 1970s sitcom with a marathon this weekend.

3) Tenspeed and Brownshoe: Shout! also added this short-lived Stephen Cannell series, presumably as part of its streaming deal with the producer's library. Can Toma be up at some point in the future?

4) That's My Line: On this day 40 years ago, CBS premiered this Bob Barker-hosted summer program focusing on people's occupations. It became more like That's Incredible in its second season, but not nearly as successful and was canceled.

5) Wilford Brimley: R.I.P. to the gruff but gruff actor.

6) David Steinberg: Happy birthday (1942) to the Canadian comic, director, writer, and all-around wit.

7) National Hobo Week: Ok, wrong nation, maybe wrong kind of hobo but still:

8) National Book Lovers Day: One of the book-smartiest men I know must be loving today:

9) Amanda Bearse: Happy birthday (1958) to the former Marcy D'Arcy on Married with Children. Talk about a thankless role!

10) Pete Hamill: R.I.P. to the iconic New York newspaperman. Remember when "newspapermen" were a thing?

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