Sunday, August 30, 2020

Top Ten #83: Battys Season 7 edition!

This week's list draws heavily on the Season 7 Batty Awards show we premiered this week! Spoilers ahead!

1) Miami Vice: Though not as dominant as Cheers was at the Season 6 awards (but then, what is?), Vice was arguably (see #2) the top dog at this year's show, garnering 3 Battys including Outstanding Series.

2) Doctor Who: Actually won more Battys than Vice (4) and was in contention for the Outstanding Series prize. Elizabeth Sladen won Outstanding Supporting Actress, Tom Baker bested a loaded field to win Lead Actor, and the series won the prestigious Outstanding Episode prize. Not too shabby, and one final thanks to listener Thomas for suggesting that storyline!

3) Jeffrey Scott: The newest member of the Genius Club is the grandson of Moe Howard, a cool fact we did not mention during the ceremony.  His latest project is Monta in the Odd Galaxy, a Vietnamese animated series that is apparently not currently available outside of that country

4) Andy Griffith: His indelible portrayal of Sam Farragut in Pray for the Wildcats left a big mark on our souls.  Yes, that's right--our SOULS!

5) Angela Lansbury: The fates atoned for 12 straight years of Emmy losses by giving her Outstanding Lead Actress in the Battys, yet Jessica Fletcher lost to Jessica Drew in the listener-voted Outstanding Jessica category.

6) Pray for the Wildcats: On one hand, we pretty much said the movie wasn't very good.  On the other, we gave it several awards and talked a whole lot about it, and, yes, I do want to get the Blu-Ray.

7) Robert Guillaume: He salvaged a disappointing night for Soap with his Outstanding Supporting Actor win.

8) Giant Clam: This monstrosity and would-be Harry killer from Doctor Who captured the imagination like no other "non-human" in BOTNS annals since...well, since season 6's Rerun's tape recorder. The non-humans are usually pretty awesome each year.

9) George Murdock: His listener-voted win for Outstanding Senior Citizen (aided by the Random Number Generator) is one of the bigger upsets in Batty history.  Murdock's character from What a Country, Lazlo, beat two people who later won awards--Griffith and Lansbury--after starring in a short-lived syndicated series.

10) PMT: Philip Michael Thomas didn't take home a Batty, but he got plenty of respect and love from us during the ceremony, and he got another nod for creating the EGOT (now BEGOT) concept.

Thanks again for listening, and keep an eye out for Season 8 coming soon!

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