Sunday, August 23, 2020

Top Ten #82

1) Three's Company: Pluto TV added a 24/7 channel that streams nothing but Three's Company.  OK, OK, now I get why everyone says this streaming video thing is a big deal.

2) Shelley Long: Happy birthday to season 6's Outstanding Female Lead batty winner! Who will win season 7's award? You may find out sooner than you think!

3) Thundercats: Hulu added the original cartoon series this weekend. Is it just me, or does the addition of a 1980s show generate a heck of a lot more excitement than [insert Hulu original here]? You know what, if it is just me, don't tell me. Let me have it for a while.

4) SWAT: Crackle added both seasons of the original series.  It has a great theme song, doesn't it? And as a television has a great theme song, doesn't it?

5) John Moschitta: The Zack to the Future podcast taught me two things: 1) Moschitta was "a sweetheart" when he guested on Saved by the Bell and 2) Moschitta formally disputed being surpassed as the world's fastest talker. Both are items in his favor.

6) The Jeffersons: Got a whole lotta George this weekend on Decades as the long-running CBS sitcom gets a marathon.

7) Barbara Eden: Happy birthday to the esteemed star of this small-screen classic:

8) Buck Rogers: Kino-Lorber announced the entire NBC series is coming to Blu-Ray this Thanksgiving. On one hand, I'm sure it'll cost a lot of credits. On the other, Erin Gray in HD.

9) Spider-Woman: With reports circulating that Olivia Wilde is going to direct a Spider-Woman movie for Sony, we can only hope she uses the definitive version as source material.

10) National Ride the Wind Day: This supposedly commemorates the first competition for the Kremer prize in 1977, but I think we all know better.

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