Saturday, August 22, 2020

Promo Theatre goes to 1994 (bear with us)

 Yes, 1994 is well outside our time frame, but watch this batch of 1994 NBC promos, will you? 

It's such an odd assortment of stuff.  Empty Nest was still on in 1994 (check out that hair on David Leisure)?  Remember that Gene Wilder sitcom? I remember it but wouldn't have associated it with Seinfeld-era Must See TV.  

Dabney Coleman's Madman of the People in the same context as ER

A Saved by the Bell wedding movie in which everyone looks 10 years older than they did when the series premiered 5 years earlier!

I can't be the only one who thinks this JoBeth Williams/Corbin Bernsen movie seems more 1980s than 1990s.

It's an interesting mix of material. On one hand, you think of NBC riding high in the Nineties, yet the network was still trying to fill out its sitcom lineups post-Cheers and still touting the likes of "the network television premiere" of Shattered with Tom Berenger (and, hey, Corbin Bernsen again).

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