Tuesday, April 27, 2021

3 classics I'd like to see streaming in May 2021

The lists of May additions for most of the big streaming services are out , and there aren't a lot of interesting older shows on them. HBO Max appears to have abandoned catalog titles for another month, Peacock isn't announcing anything cool, and Netflix...Well, I can't mention Netflix and vintage with a straight face.

However, as I write this, Tubi, Crackle, Roku Channel, and others are still on the clock (Does Paramount Plus even bother listing the handful of non-current CBS programs it adds each month?), and there are often surprises from the paid services. We already have good news with the announcement that Shout! TV is adding CPO Sharkey and several Don Rickles specials. But I want more, more, more, and so here are 3 nice additions I'd like to see when I scan my Roku on Saturday morning:

The Incredible Hulk: Why does this series have such a low profile in the streaming era? The character is popular and in the public eye thanks to the MCU, yet right now it isn't available after NBC quietly dropped it from its own app. It has its flaws but also has some great episodes, and I'd think someone could market it or do something with it. I thought it would be a natural for Peacock, but it isn't on the May list. Maybe it will show up on Tubi alongside other Universal genre shows of the era Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica. 

Maverick: It's outside our time frame, but the show is the ancestor of The Rockford Files, yet outside of a limited stint on Warner Archive Instant, I don't think it has streamed anywhere. We all know how disdainful the various streamers are of "old" shows, but, come on, James Garner! This is a popular Western with a devoted fanbase, and while MeTv runs it each week, I bet the episodes would look great uncut on HBO Max. I bet they'd look better than The Nanny. Even if it returned to Starz, it would at least be something to watch with those constant cheap subscription deals they throw out so often.

Riptide: I never really watched this in its original run, but it would be nice to have the minor NBC hit of the mid Eighties available somewhere.  This series doesn't get mentioned anywhere, and I don't the last time/place it had a significant run, but it's a part of 1980s TV history. This one seems to be a good fit for Hulu, and it comes to mind because of the reports that Sony TV shows would be coming there as part of the new massive deal with Disney. Hopefully the shows include some from the 20th century.

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