Thursday, April 1, 2021

Show Notes: TV Guide Game (March 30, 1981 listings)

*Here is a look at the cover of the issue we use for this week's game: The March 28-April 3, 1981 Dallas-Fort Worth edition. Specifically we look at  Monday, March 30.

*The video playlist for this episode is right here! It's worth it just to hear Ernie Anderson ask, what's up with Pat Benatar?

*Special shout to our listeners in the Central time zone!

*The assassination attempt on President Ronald Regan occurred at about 2:30 in the afternoon, and network coverage of the ongoing events pre-empted much of the scheduled programming.

*The Bugs Bunny Easter Special premiered April 7, 1977 and was bumped for news coverage on this night. CBS resumed programming at 9. The show had a storyline about the Easter Bunny being ill and showed selections from 10 different classic toons like Rabbit of Seville and Robin Hood Daffy.

*The MASH episode was one that was pre-empted by coverage of the President Reagan situation. According to this site, the original episode, "The Life You Save," was replaced with one that did not deal with a sniper attacking the camp. "Life" eventually ran May 4.

*The Lou Grant episode, a rerun, is the fourth-season opener, "Nightside." You can catch it in the aforementioned video playlist.

*The NCAA final is Indiana beating North Carolina 63-50, led by future Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas. The NCAA made the decision to play just 30 minutes before scheduled tipoff, and the game started a bit late.

*The Sportsworld boxing showcase on NBC featured Chris McDonald, a Silver medalist, stopping Steve McDonald on the undercard of an Atlantic City event from Bob Arum headlined by Bobby Czyz and also featuring future heavyweight contender Tony Tucker.

*Show Business is a pilot for a new magazine program; in some markets it would air after the Oscars. 

*The 53rd Academy Awards were moved to the enxt night and were indeed scheduled for a 10pm EST start.

*It appears that after Wendy and Me and before The Sunshine Boys,  Oh, God! George Burns was not a regular presence on TV. After the success of Oh, God!, he was a fixture, appearing often on all 3 networks and in 1985 presenting the anthology George Burns Comedy Week.

*Speaking of Rona Barrett, as we do in this episode, Tomorrow was pre-empted Monday night because the original episode was looking at the influence of gangs on Reagan's cabinet (?) according to that same MASH site.

*Here's a little dose of culture if you aren't into the options Mike chose:

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