Sunday, April 25, 2021

Top Ten #117

1) The 1986 Academy Awards: I wasn't a regular Oscar watcher at the time, and seeing what movie won most of the awards reminds me of why I didn't pay much attention (I still haven't seen Out of Africa), but it's still a surprise to see this host pairing: Alan Alda, Jane Fonda, and Robin Williams!

2) LeVar Burton: Landed a gig guest-hosting Jeopardy! after a popular fan petition. You know what this means? My dream of getting Bob Eubanks to host Reading Rainbow is still alive!

3) Bugs Bunny: MeTV is running a poll to determine our favorite Bugs cartoon of all time and why it's Slick Hare.

4) Telephone Day: Reach out and touch someone!

5) Mission Impossible: My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to mention that Decades has a marathon this weekend without resorting to a trite reworking of the show's tagline.

I don't choose to accept it!

6) Wide World of Sports 20th Anniversary Special: Not to be confused with the 25TH Anniversary Special we talked about on the podcast, this aired in prime time on ABC 40 years ago tonight. Did Evel Knievel ride on stage in a motorbike in this one? Huh? Did he?

No, seriously, I'd like to know, because I'd watch it if he did.

7) Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom: RFD-TV picked up the series this month and is showing reruns and then posting them on YouTube

8) Mitzi...Roarin; in the 20s: This 1976 TV special featuring Mitzi Gaynor, Ken Barry, and Carl Reiner, is now on Prime Video because, well, who cares why. It's a 45-year-old show about a time period 100 years old, so be thankful it's there!

9) Charlie's Angels Deluxe Hideaway: Because I gotta admit, this looks pretty sweet:

10) Oscar Madison: Probably the only Oscar I will feel like watching tonight.

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