Sunday, April 11, 2021

Top Ten #115

1) Murder, She Wrote: Murder Monday debuted here on the site last week with a look at Jessica under the big top (as a lion tamer? a sword swallower? You will have to click here to find out) and will be back tomorrow!

2) Mason Reese: Here's a birthday that will make a lot of people feel old: Former child acting sensation and pitchman Reese is 55 today! As a treat, enjoy the failed TV pilot Mason uploaded by Reese himself! It's a total misfire, so much so that ABC burned it off on July 4 two years after its production:

3) Starsky & Hutch/Charlie's Angels/Partridge Family: These 3 are among the new old series just added to Tubi TV--or partially so. Pity the poor soul who has already torn through the first couple seasons of Charlie's Angels and now has to wait for season 3.

4) Police Story: Decades is having a marathon this weekend but not, much to our chagrin, showing the episode with Michael Learned.

5) Louise Lasser: Happy birthday to the star of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and also one of the most notorious episodes of Saturday Night Live.

6) Larry Holmes/Trevor Berbick: This fight for the WBC Heavyweight Champeenship of the world aired live on HBO on this day in 1981. I won;t reveal who wins (the fight is online if you want to watch it), but the bad blood lingered and led to this bizarre moment in 1991:

7) National 8-Track Tape Day: Rock on!

8) Crash Island: This NBC movie debuted 40 years ago tonight. The cast features a group of young actors, Warren Berlinger, and Meadowlark Lemon because he was everywhere!

9) Jem: The prices on these just-announced Super 7 action figures will likely be truly, truly outrageous, but they do look good:

10) Walter Olkewicz, Anne Beatts, james Hampton:  R.I.P. to all. 

Here's Olkewicz ducking out of Bill Tush's show to go bowling:

Beatts was responsible for so much comedy in the 1970s and 1980s, including of course the short-lived but fondly recalled Square Pegs:

Here's the late James Hampton in a 1970s spot:

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