Wednesday, April 28, 2021

RetroFan #14 is here!

It's time for a quick look at the latest issue of TwoMorrows' fantastic bimonthly magazine, which is back in stores but available here for subscription and highly recommended. issue #14 focuses more on the 1960s than the BOTNS era, but there is plenty for folks who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s or are just interested in that time frame.

"Star Trek: The Lean Years" is an entertaining look at the period between the original series' cancellation and The Motion Picture's premiere. What kept the franchise going apart from The Animated Series? Why was did Gold Key make Uhura blonde in one of its Trek comics? OK, the article answers one of those but not the other.

There is also a fun piece about TV tie-ins that no kid would want, but I beg to differ. I would have loved a Kojak toy car!

Part 2 of the story about the World Famous San Diego Zoo appears here along with an extensive section of cool behind-the-scenes photos from 60s TV shows like Batman and The Dick Van Dyke Show. You can also learn about Bigfoot, Van Williams, The Saint, and much more. It's always a highlight of my week to get this magazine, and I recommend it to all fans of our podcast.

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