Thursday, April 8, 2021

This Day in TV History: Hardhat and Legs (1980)

On this night 40 years ago, CBS' Wednesday Night Movie was an encore presentation of 1980's Hardhat and Legs.  Yes, this movie is exactly what you think. Here is the summary from Google:

An amorous construction worker begins a complicated and humorous romance with an attractive sex-education teacher.

The stars are Kevin Dobson and Sharon Gless. Can you guess which one plays the construction worker and which one the attractive sex ed teacher?

IMDB fleshes it out a bit more. Gless' character is a socilaite, and Dobson's hardhat has a gambling problem.

Co-written by Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin (yes, that Gordon and Kanin; this was the first movie they wrote together since 1952's The Marrying Kind), this sounds so lovable in its old-fashioned title and premise. For what it's worth, it receives several positive viewer reviews on IMDB, and it must have done something right if CBS reran it a year and change after its February 1980 debut.

it does sound a little dated, though, doesn't it? But that didn't define CBS in 1981. Let's look at what preceded it on April 8, 1981.  OK, it's an episode of Enos titled...uh, "The Shaming of the Shrew." Never mind!

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