Friday, April 23, 2021

Promo Theatre: What the heck is "Live-In"?

At first glance, this promo is kind of off-putting:

However, after you see it, it just becomes outright laughable, and not in the sense of, "Hey, that new sitcom is going to make me laugh a lot and for the right reasons!"

I love the tagline, "It's hard to live with temptation."

Live In did not live on after this premiere.  It lasted only 9 episodes from March to June 1989 at 8:00 on CBS. And does this somehow seem a little off brand for 1989 CBS, or is it just me?

CBS was having trouble finding stability in that 8:00 timeslot on Mondays. Look at the shows that started there in the Fall after Scarecrow and Mrs. King as CBS kept moving established hits around and pairing them with flops:

1986: Kate & Allie

1987: Frank's Place

1988: Major Dad

1989: Newhart

Spring 1989: Live-In

1990: Uncle Buck

1991: Finally Burt Reynolds stabilizes the night with Evening Shade.

Stars Lisa Patrick and Chris Wells didn't catch on with America as an Australian live-in domestic engineer and the hormonally charged high schooler who wants her to be more than just, uh, his maid. In this spot, Wells seems to be trying a little too hard but lacking something. Patrick seems charming enough, but the nation just didn't want a show about a horny teenager relenttlessly hitting on his housekeeper.

Wells had several regular gigs after this, including a stint on Falcon Crest and a spot as a regular on 1990's single-season sitcom Married People. Patrick has very few credits besides Live-In. You failed her, CBS!

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