Tuesday, August 17, 2021

BOTNS on the Road: The Udvar-Hazy Center

One of the most popular tourist sites in Northern Virginia is the second Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Museum in Chantilly, which has a sprawling site that allows it to house multiple classic aircraft, memorabilia, and even the shuttle Discovery.

My favorite sight, of course, is the display case filled with science fiction and space toys:

Pardon the slight blurriness. Maybe my hand was shaking at the prospect of getting my hands on that sweet Buck Rogers Viewmaster reel! This is just one quadrant of the case, though, which is a great little display.

The whole museum is a nice visit--plenty of parking, unlike the downtown D.C. museums, $15 per car parking fee but no entrance fee, and enough space to not feel crowded.

And it has some cool toys, too!

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