Saturday, August 14, 2021

YouTube Spotlight: Al Lewis on Superstation Scary Saturday

There's a lot of cool stuff in this week's video playlist devoted to the world of Munsters, but one that delights me in particular is this clip of Al Lewis hosting a Saturday afternoon horror movie show on TBS.

He's in classic form here, totally inhabiting the character and even wielding a shovel to "dig up the films!"

Of course, many are nostalgic for the glory days of horror hosts, and Svengoolie is perhaps the most high-profile example of those who continue the tradition today.  The Eighties had some attempts to create franchises, and TBS enlisted Grandpa Al Lewis in 1987 for a show that would start at noon--well, 12:05, natch--each Saturday and showcase an old movie plus hosting segments and skits.

I remember some crossovers with the WCW wrestlers of the day and also just seeing the program promoted during the graps action I watched.

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