Sunday, August 29, 2021

Top Ten #130

1) Killdozer: I was actually impressed with the shovel's performance against the dozer, but then again, it had the advantage of the best darn shovel man around, Dennis 'Sour Ball" Holvig.

2) Clint Walker: Reasonable people may argue over his character's checkered past, his leadership style, even his haircut, but you got to admit, Walker was one big dude.  That is, unless you've gone "off your spool" like poor Dutch.

3) New old shows on Crackle: The free ad-supported SVOD service continues to surprise by adding rare shows like Hawk (1966) and Fantastic Journey (1977).  It also continues to annoy--why only the first 5 episodes (so far) of The Famous Teddy Z and 4 random episodes of It's Your Move?

4) Gene and Roger: I really enjoyed The Ringer's just-concluded 8-part podcast on Siskel and Ebert.

5) National Lemon Juice Day:

6) John Ritter: ABC paid tribute to the late performer with an episode of Superstar this week.

7) Blake's 7: BritBox added this seminal British sci-fi series this week. I never saw it, but the clips I saw indicated it was in classic British style: cerebral, more deliberate, less dependent on flashy effects. In other words, cheap.

8) Elliott Gould: Happy birthday!

"I wouldn't go to the prom with you if you were Elliott Gould!"
"Even if you knew I was gonna be in E/R?"
"Well...maybe in that case, yeah."

9) Jeopardy!: Yeah, the whole thing is a mess, but at least it indicates that the show still matters.

10) Michael Nader: R.I.P. to the former Dex Dexter on Dynasty.

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