Saturday, August 28, 2021

YouTube Spotlight: Clint Walker vs. Peter Graves

One of the more intriguing clips in this week's Killdozer playlist is this footage of Clint Walker going up against Peter Graves in an impromptu arm wrestling match:

Well, I say "footage" as if it's an actual competition, but of course it's from a TV movie, 1974's Scream of the Wolf. Does anyone think Graves would have a legit chance against Walker in a real match? I mean, Graves was a cool enough actor, but come on! But look how effective Walker's quiet but menacing demeanor is here.

Scream of the Wolf is directed by Dan Curtis and based on a short story by Richard Matheson. It premiered Wednesday, January 16, 1974 on ABC as the second half of a doubleheader following Curtis' 1972 The Night Stalker, which introduced the Kolchak character.

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