Thursday, August 12, 2021

Show Notes: Episode 9-9: The Munsters

*We hope you enjoy this slight departure from our usual format, and if you'd like to hear us step back in time a bit and cover more 50s and 60s series, please let us know!

*As of this posting, Munsters Today is still conspicuous by its absence on NBC and Peacock.

*Turnabout with John Schuck and Sharon Gless lasted a mere 7 episodes on NBC in 1979.

*Click below for the video Mike mentions with TV show openings from the "hellish" midseason of 1979:

*The original Munsters series ran two seasons and 70 episodes from 1964-1966 on CBS. The Addams Family lasted 64 episodes in ABC in essentially the same time frame.

*Mini-Munsters premiered October 27, 1973 as part of the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie, in the early afternoon in most markets. That franchise lasted two seasons and 20 movies from 1972-1973.

*Check out our look at one of those movies, The Man Who Hated Laughter, right here!**

*Season 2 was The New Saturday Superstar Movie and only featured 3 movies--the Munsters special. a Lost in Space movie, and a second (!) Nanny and the Professor movie. The last one featured Richard Long reprising the titular role of, of course, Nanny. No, it was the Professor. Long is also Herman Munster in Mini-Munsters!

*The traditional gift for a 100th anniversary is--Well, there is none. It seems that it stops at diamond for 75!

*The oil embargo began in October 1973, and the average price of a gallon of gas in the USA jumped from 38.5 cents in May to 55 in June of 1974.

*According to this site, a used 1969 Chevy Malibu cost about $10,00 in today's dollars in 1973.

*This looks to be the truncated rerun version of the movie:

*Season 2 episode 14 of the original series, "Treasure of Mockingbird Heights," debuted December 23, 1965 on CBS, followed by Gilligan's Island, My Three Sons, and The CBS Thursday Night Movie. ABC's lineup had Shindig, Donna Reed, O.K. Crackerby, Bewitched, Peyton Place, and Long Hot Summer. NBC offered a Christmas episode of Daniel Boone plus Laredo, Mona McCluskey, and The Dean Martin Show.

*According to IMDB, the runtime of 1960's Sunrise at Campobello is 144 minutes yet was in a two-hour time slot including commercials!

*Ben Casey was on ABC 1961-1966, and Dr. Kildare was on NBC 1961-1966.

*Marilyn 2.0, Pat Priest, started in episode 14 of season 1, replacing Beverley Owen. 1966's Munster, Go Home! featured Debbie Watson in the role. Jo McDonnell was Marilyn in 1981 NBC TV movie The Munsters' Revenge.

*As of today, Rob Zombie's film version is under production. There's speculation that it will be for Peacock.

*Are you a Munsters fan or an Addams Family fan? Can't we be both?

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