Thursday, August 5, 2021

Show Notes: Episode 9-8: Soul Train

*Soul Train aired in first-run syndication from 1971 to 2006 after starting as a Chicago-area program. it had 1,117 episodes according to Wikipedia.

*The episode we discuss premiered October 1, 1977.

*Thanks again to our friends in our Facebook group for voting on this week's episode subject! if you want to hear us talk about Solid Gold or American Bandstand, don't give up hope! Rock and roll never dies! And we plan to do this for a long time!

*Here's an uncompensated plug/link for the Questlove book I reference so much in the episode.

*Don Cornelius hosted Soul Train from the series' origins through 1993.

*Viacom/CBS bought "the brand" in 2016.

*Dick Clark's attempt to co-opt Soul Train, Soul Unlimited, had a limited run in 1973 before ABC yanked it after protests from Cornelius and friends in high places, like Operation PUSH. Here is a link with more info, and, yes, it's The Daily Mail, but it uses a Nelson George book as its source.

*K.C. and the Sunshine Band scored its first #1 hit with Get Down Tonight but had 4 other recordings top the Hot 100.

*620 Soul Train was the short-lived (one season) UK version of the show hosted by ST dancers alum and Shalamar member Jeffrey Daniel.

*We can find no evidence of Bob Dylan appearing on Soul Train, but we like to think he watched it more than a few times.

*The Motown Revue Starring Smokey Robinson aired Friday nights on NBC in the summer of 1985.

*So what do you think? Did we turn this mutha out?

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