Sunday, August 8, 2021

Top Ten #128

1) Soul Train: A decade and a half after folding, it's still the hippest trip in America...even when two white dudes like us are taking you on the journey as on this week's podcast.

2) Don Cornelius: Do you think he would have a podcast today, or would he not want to mess around with it? He is runner-up in this week's countdown, just like he was runner-up in the Soul Train One-on-One Basketball Championship as we learned yesterday.

3) Nita Talbot: Happy birthday to the Batty-winning actress who charmed us in Columbo last season!

4) Jeannie and Tabatha: Crackle sneaks shows onto its service sometimes, it feels like. These two 1970s spinoffs were added, uh, sometime recently, I think. Also new: The Rookies and 1989 Matt Frewer sitcom Doctor Doctor.

5) The Amateur's Guide to Love: On this night 50 years ago, CBS aired this pilot under its Comedy Playhouse banner. The game show got a regular spot on the schedule in 1972 but didn't last long.

The pilot was hosted by Peter Marshall; the above clip is from the proper run of the series with Gene Rayburn.

6) Welcome Back, Kotter: Check out this recent piece about controversy associated with the sitcom when it debuted in 1975.

7) Larry Wilcox and Don Most:: It's a stacked week for birthdays, but we have to mention Wilcox so Sgt. Gertraer doesn't yell at us, and we have to mention Most because, hey, it's Don(ny) Most!

8) National Dollar Day: This celebrates the creation of the nation's financial system in 1786.  Want to learn more? I can't find any clips from 1786, but here's a Dough Nuts PSA (we mentioned this series earlier this season).

9) Rewind TV: This sister channel of Antenna TV oficially launches in September, we learned this week, focusing on series from the 1980s and--wait a minute. Rewind? No, this is no relation to our beloved mascot.

10) Beautiful Bobby Eaton: R.I.P. to one of the most interesting studio wrestlers ever because the dude was often seemingly about to bump into the lights when he went to the top.

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