Sunday, August 15, 2021

Top Ten #129

1) The Munsters: They aren't just the focus of this week's podcast, they're everywhere! The original series, the comeback movies, the new Rob Zombie movie...Oh, except Munsters Today. That's nowhere. Yes, we're still miffed about NBC pulling the show from its app.

2) Al Lewis and Fred Gwynne: For my money (and it ain't Transylvania currency like Grandpa dumped on those poor car dealers in Mini-Munsters), this is the most underrated comic duo in TV history.

3) Markie Post: R.I.P. to one of the iconic actresses of the 1980s.

4) National Relaxation Day: Maybe this guy could help you participate:

5) Eddie: CBS burned off shows in its summer showcase Comedy Playhouse, and we can call them failed pilots. But show some respect, and stand at attention! This one, airing 50 years ago tonight, stars Phil Silvers and is directed by comedy vet Hy Averback AND stars Frank Faylen, Fred Clark, and Edward Andrews. Did I mention it was written and created by larry Gelbart?

How bad can it be? Well, it was made in 1967 and shelved for 4 years, but check out the premise according to IMDB: "Misadventures of a private cop who pounds the mean streets of Bel Air, California." Fresh Prince ain't got nothing on Phil!

Also, Lee Goldberg's book of unsold pilots lists as alternate titles The Phil Silvers Show, Eddie Skinner, and Bel Air Patrol. Why does ever Phil Silvers sitcom have multiple titles? I want to see this one.

6) Linda Ellerbee: Happy birthday! For a while it seemed like she was everywhere.

7) Donnie Shell: Congratulations to the new classes of the Pro Football Hall of Fame inducted last weekend, even the non-Steelers! Special props, though, to Shell:

8) Pen n Inc: Another unaired pilot, this one from CBS 40 years ago tonight, though Goldberg's book has it as premiering August 19, 1981. Love the title! Matt McCoy stars as a political cartoonist trying to get his conservative boss at the newspaper to run his stuff, and by the way he is dating the boss' daughter (Brianne Leary). Fred Willard has a part in the pilot.

9) Louise Sorrell: She had an entertaining appearance on the TV Confidential podcast talking about her distinguished acting career.

10) Jane Withers: R.I.P. to the former Josephine the Plumber.

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