Monday, November 29, 2021

Dream Theater: Arrested by Norman Fell

Last night I dreamed I was arrested by Norman Fell.

This wasn't Fell as Mr. Roper, mind you, but levelheaded law enforcement type Fell who appeared in shows like 87th Precinct, Dan August, and most recently for me, Murder, She Wrote.

I wish I could remember the details, but I know I was innocent (sure, that's what they all say), and that Fell himself was somewhat apologetic, but he had no choice. Also, my grandmother was outraged that a major national restaurant chain (I won't mention it because it has been excellent for me) false-advertised something. She was angry enough to take a big ad flyer and bring it in so she could point it out to Fell, who shrugged it off.

If I 'm not mistaken, a since-forgotten teenage girl scored a novelty hit shortly after Ocean's Eleven with "I Wanna Be Arrested by Norman Fell."

I wanna be arrested by Norman Fell
Just me and Norm in a little cell
He's the guy who makes jail time feel so swell
I wanna be arrested by Norman Fell

You know, I might be mistaken.

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