Saturday, November 6, 2021

Rack Toys: My 5 favorites from the great new book by Brian Heiler

Yesterday I shared my praise of the reissue of Brian Heiler's great Rack Toys book.  Today I list my favorite items shown inside its pages. If I had to narrow it down to 5 favorites from the book, I'd choose these ones. 

Note that I am considering only toys featured in the "TV and Movie Superstars" chapter, and series like Space: 1999 and Josie and the Pussycats are spotlighted in other parts of the book. You have to check them out in the pages of Rack Toys to believe some of these (and please do get the book to see the pictures):

*Police Woman Crime Lab Play Set: Not just Angie Dickinson, not just her and Earl Holliman, but Ed Bernard and Charles Dierkorp adorn the packaging, all smiling and happy for kids to simulate their adventures. My favorite item is the sad-looking little bottle labeled "alcohol," but don't sleep on the plastic scissors.

*Trapper John M.D.  Medical Kit: What gets me about this is that Trapper isn't even pictured on the package. Instead we see Christopher Norris' "Ripples" nurse character pictured atop an assortment of items including what I guess is a toy medical bag replica with a screenshot of the show on the front so that it sort of resembles a TV set.

*Matt Houston ID Set: Need I say anything? The existence of this has to fill your heart with joy. There isn't a lot to it, but the sweet keychain must have made it a worthwhile purchase.

*The Love Boat Barber Shop Kit: Oh, come on! Like YOU never yearned for a detailed look inside the barber shop on the Pacific Princess!

*Mr. Smith Money Set: This is the single most inexplicable thing in the chapter, and of course I love it. I assume someone thought the notorious flop might score with the kiddie set. In case you don't recall Mr. Smith, here you go:

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