Friday, November 26, 2021

Things for which I am thankful

I used a lot of space on this site complaining about various things this year, but I think given the holiday, it's a good time to show some gratitude.  Of course Mike and I are thankful for all of you who listen to the podcast, visit us here at the website, and participate in our official Facebook group--not to mention those of you who supported us by purchasing some of our stuff at our merch store.

I am thankful that in a time when not everyone shows reverence for catalog material (trying to keep it positive here), Crackle and Tubi are licensing older material on a regular basis and making it available for free. Much of it is even in the original aspect ratio!

I'm thankful that for most streaming services, the default is to run older programming uncut and not to hack it up as if it were on broadcast TV.

I appreciate that enough copyright holders let enough go to make YouTube the user-generated television history archive that nobody else will create.

I'm grateful for the home tapers and collectors who saved all that stuff that they and others upload to video-sharing sites!

I like that I can still find cool stuff at affordable prices even as prices of high-end graded collectibles like baseball cards have gone through the roof.

I am thankful for the presence of One-Armed Pat Morita:

I'm beholden to the folks who kept their TV Guides for so many years, enabling me to assemble a collection of them decades after they were published.

I feel indebted to authors who create interesting TV reference books and the publishers who support them.

I love that we've been able to keep this podcast going for 5 years through various life changes and issues, and I love that it's still as fun now as it was at the beginning.

Finally, I am thankful that this exists:

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