Saturday, November 27, 2021

This Day in TV History: Darkroom premieres on ABC

40 years ago tonight, James Coburn welcomed ABC viewers to the Darkroom as the horror/fantasy anthology premiered. Mike and I talked about the series right here.

The debut episode features Robert Webber, who also stars in the Rockford Files episode we cover in our Season 9 premiere. (Could we be hearing more about Webber in this season's Battys)? Darkroom lasted a mere 6 additional episodes and was off the air in the summer, but we think it deserves another look.

Like most (all?) genre shows, it has a cult following, but it has no home video release. It's in streaming limbo now as one of those Universal-owned shows that, for no known reason, was available on for a while but has not appeared on Peacock yet.

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