Sunday, November 14, 2021

Top Ten #141

1) One-armed Pat Morita: I promised to reveal one more find from the Toy Expo today, and it's time to deliver:

I love this figure. No arm? No problem! (Or as Friend of the Show Dann said in our Facebook group, "Wax on, arm off.") It gives Morita gravitas, I dare say. And while this is a Karate Kid figure, I choose to believe it's from 1987 ABC cop show Ohara, and that gives me an opening to share one of my favorite clips again:

2) Brian Keith: Today would have been the 100th birthday of the late actor, and perhaps it's no coincidence that Decades is running a Hardcastle and McCormick marathon this weekend!

3) Fantasy Island: It's the 40th anniversary of the premiere of the episode in which Paul Williams wants to have a harem. Is it a spoiler to say it doesn't go the way he intends?

4) Seat Belt Day: On National Seat Belt Day, much love to the Crash Test Dummies, who gave so much so that others might live.

5) Pickle Day: Less essential to our collective safety but no less important--well, maybe just a bit less important--is this chance to celebrate...pickles.

6) Michael Learned: ME-TV ran a story explaining how she got her first name. Great, now can someone explain "Learned"?

7) COZI CONDENSED BOLD: I went to Cozi TV's website to check out what was new, and at the bottom, Highway to Heaven was labeled COZI CONDENSED BOLD. It may still be. Go check it out! And Check It Out! is not on Cozi, but I think there is hope for it if Cozi Condensed Bold can get a spot in its lineup.

8) NCAA Basketball: College hoops are back, but to me they will never be better than they were on ESPN in the 1980s:

9) Murphy Brown: The series premiered on this date in 1988. Boy, that reboot sure didn't take, did it?

10) R.I.P. Dean Stockwell: The veteran performer's passing happens to coincide with my watching a standout performance of his--one I will discuss tomorrow.

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