Thursday, November 4, 2021

This Day in TV History: The Fall Guy premieres on ABC

November 4, 1981 was a crackerjack night of action and adventure on ABC with the second-season premiere of The Greatest American Hero, an entertaining baseball-themed story titled "The 200-Mile-an-Hour Fastball," and the series debut of The Fall Guy.

A two-hour movie kicked off the show. introducing Lee Majors as Colt Seavers, a stuntman and bounty hunter! heather Thomas and Douglas Barr formed a team with him. I think the series is largely forgotten these days, but it aired 5 seasons and 113 episodes.

The Fall Guy was never a prestigious program, but TV needs its Fall Guys as much as it needs its Hill Street Blues...maybe even more so. The Glen Larson/Fox production was a solid performer for its first 4 seasons. For a while some of the series was on Hulu, but now only the first season is even available for digital purchase, and the DVDs stalled out at season two (and that season only got an international release).

Episodes are floating around online, and Decades runs it on occasion, but the series is mostly MIA from streaming, home video, and broadcast. Well, we're bringing it BACK!

Actually, no, we have no power to do that, but maybe we can talk about it on the show someday. Hopefully someone will pick it up and become an official purveyor of the series.

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