Sunday, May 1, 2022

Top Ten #175

1) Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: It was a beautiful day in the podcast neighborhood as Mike and I talked about the iconic PBS program. Hopefully you all feel special.

2) X the Owl: Topped the power rankings on Friday. Ben Franklin would have been proud! And he would have expressed it with some pithy aphorism, no doubt.

Unfortunately, I ain't no Ben Franklin, and I got nothin'.

3) Mr. McFeely: He wasn't in our episode, he wasn't in the power rankings, so it's time to give him some love. You may not know this, but a lot of Prime's deliveries rely on McFeely to take the package the last stretch to the customer's door.

4) It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown: Apple Plus added the 1976 Peanuts special to celebrate the occasion. This is in the top 5 of "Wait, they actually made that?" specials, but now a whole new audience can enjoy the seldom-seen program.

5) TNT/TBS: We learned this week that Warner Discovery is officially ceasing development of scripted programming for these two channels, which makes us a little sad. Maybe there's an opportunity here to return them to the glory days of programs like this:

6) School Principals' Day: Salute the great Dr. Samuels of Fillmore High, who helped the USA win the cold war, or something like that. 

7) Banjo the Woodpile Cat: This early Don Bluth effort starring Scatman Carothers got an ABC airing 40 years ago tonight. Banjo the Woodpile Cat! I may make this an annual Arbor Day tradition.

8) The Golden GirlsShout-out to last week's Golden Con in Chicago. Yes, Chicago. I look forward to next week's Good Times Fest in Miami.

9) Ed Marinaro: The former Hill Street star and running back, given the opportunity to announce a pick at the NFL Draft, took the ball and ran with it. The problem is, he ran around the field for 10 minutes and refused to give the ball to anyone else.

10) T. J. Hooker: It's only appropriate that the series is Decades' Weekend Binge pick as we straddle the months of April and May. After all, the show straddled the line separating populist action with prestige Emmy-baiting drama.

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